Oct 7, 2013

The Yearly Spiderpocalypse - and FLIP BUGS ATTACK

So last night it got into the 40sand apparently this triggered the yearly SPIDERPOCALYPSE… wherein all the spiders that live in the country came inside because it’s gonna be winter soon, right?

And I am loathe to say that I could live with this – I mean, I do expect the yearly Spiderpocalypse, it is YEARLY after all – but last night I had something else. After being asleep for 3 hours, those flip/click beetles came inside too, and decided that my bed was the BEST PLACE EVER…

If you are unfamiliar with this particular critter, they don't bite or sting, they just crawl and click in woog-inducing fashion. See this video for an explanation if you want to be thrilled about beetles.

I woke up at 1am with two of them on my neck<--(I'd make this part flashing in red if I could). One of which I had trapped between my shoulder and my neck and he was flipping his fool head off trying to get free. And I don’t care if I’m a country girl, I don’t like bugs. And having them on me when I’m sleeping? Freaks. My. $#%*. OUT!

I woke up squealing and grabbing/flinging the bugs across the room. After I calmed down enough that my heartbeat didn’t sound like a techno drum track, I got up, went potty, SAW A SPIDER AND KILLED IT WITH A BROOM RAWR, came back, shook out my blankets and roughed up my bed to make sure there were no bugs there. Climbed in and settled down, feeling all Xena Warrior Princess(or pretending I did because dude, I hate bugs). Got the light off.

And felt something crawling on my arm.

Grabbed flashlight, shined on arm, ANOTHER BALLSY FLIP BUG… who got flicked across my apparently buggybuggy bedroom.

I’m about as harebrained as they come today. There was no sleeping after the flip bugs mounted their midnight assault. I was Totally Awake for hours. Now? Now I'm sleepy ... stoopid bugs.


  1. This is my nightmare. We have spiders come in the house for the winter, too, and I'm nice to them and take them outside to die there instead of smashing them, but bugs on my neck? OMG, that would freak me out SO MUCH!


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