Jul 30, 2013

Revisions! And an unrelated photo

I have finished revisions to book2, Uncovering Her Secrets. Correction, I have finished a round of revisions for book2. I have no idea if I'm close to the mark or not. I hope, but I do not know.

However, to celebrate, I'm going to run around in circles until I get dizzy and pass out.

Either that, or I'll just pass out. That's always fun too.
Look, a cross!

And then I have several pieces to tat for a sale...

And I have another couple stories battling in my head to escape.

But best of all... I CAN READ BOOKS AGAIN. I don't read while I'm writing or doing big story revisions. Afraid it will corrupt my brain.

Now if I could only figure out how to combine tatting, reading and sleeping at the same time, I'd be all set.

Jul 15, 2013


UK cover for Mountain Man!
Warning: This will be a post where I run amok and make little sense, as opposed to my usual posts of stunning brilliance. . .Ahem.


And I love it.

It's beautiful.

Top Ten reasons I love this cover, in no particular order:
  1. It's purple! Is this important? YES. Purple is the best color ever.
  2. See those mountains? THOSE ARE THE RIGHT MOUNTAINS. They may or may not be from eastern Kentucky where the book is set, but it's definitely Allegheny territory--either the Smokies, the Appalachians, or whatever they're called in Pennsylvania that I'm too excited to research!
  3. Hot couple. Ever seen a romance where the models did nothing for you? The heroine was frumpy, the hero had a sweater vest(*Cough* SORRY, AMY). So not happening here, at least for me and I'm totally right. If anyone disagrees, I'll be in the corner plugging my ears and singing How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? at the top of my lungs.
  4. Heroine's got the right hair color. (I know it's not really that important but this little detail makes me happy!)
  5. Hero's got the right hair color. (Same reason as above, but I love the Tall, Dark and Handsome and add it to the list of YAY!)
  6. Who's the scruffy puppy! Okay, so this hottie has no beard and his hair isn't touching his collar, but he's got the sexy scruff. Who's a scruffy puppy? You are! Oh yes you are!
  7. Hello sexy! Granted, it isn't quite as smoking hot as Amy Andrew's recent medical(which, by the way, is an awesome read and the reason I don't feel bad about mentioning the sweater vest debacle). I could not ask for more. *dreamysigh*
  8. It's got my name. This is very important. Might actually be #1 on the list, but I didn't want to seem like I was all egotistical so I strategically located this bit at #8 and then made the text massive so no one misses it. Dash cunning? Or contradictorily subtle?
  9. I get to squeal and run amok two more times before October because... there will be North American and Australian covers! 
  10. Comparing to future cover-siblings. In the future, when other covers fail to make me so gleeful, I can chastise them and tell them they should try to do better like my ELDEST child(cover) did. 
Okay, I'm done running amok now. Only I can't decide whether to make the picture larger, or change my background to it, or maybe bathe it in soft light and infect my blog with some mood music. Nothing screams sexy or puts you in the mood for love more than banjo music, right?

Jul 3, 2013

It's been forever...

I know, I stink. It's been forever since I blogged. February to be precise! And after that epic awesome post, and now that I'm like... a professional writer or something, I have had a bit of blog stage fright. No real clue why. Not so much about the writing, but about the BEING PROFESSIONAL, which I suddenly assumed I needed all future blog posts to be.

Bye bye Snapshots from Ridiculousville.

Bye bye Tatting Project Photos.

Or not. There's just no way for me to do that. So, in the spirit of horrifying my inner professional perfectionist wacko, I will enlighten everyone to something they probably already know. But which was news to me.

I've been watching Dark Shadows uhh, a lot. And I realized that at the beginning, where the Moody Blues song plays and the chick is on the train and it's all... WOO LOOK, IT'S THE 70s... I loved that part. I think that song might pre-date me, but it is still awesome in a completely incomprehensible way. Even the crappy-crappy poem stuck randomly in the middle of it for no apparent reason(other than maybe they were stoned).
Knights in Black Satin?
I don't know if everyone has this problem, but songs I heard as a child and never really understood? I tend to still not understand them 30 years later.(She Bop is about WHAT?!) So, my epiphany came when I decided I needed to see the lyrics to that crazy poem and I hit Google up for it.

Almost White Satin?
I'm not sure what I thought the song was about, but in my mind, it involved KNIGHTS. And satin. So I was shocked when Google kept correcting me in that snarky blue Google way Did you mean Nights in White Satin?  


Knight in White Satin!
Though there are lyrics that lead me to still think it might be more suited to Knights than Nights. Never reaching the end? Of what? A quest, maybe? Well, if they wore armor instead of white satin, maybe they'd do better getting to the end.

Letters are written never meaning to send? I have no idea what this has to do with Nights in White Satin either. But I could see a Knight in White Satin having one of those. A just-in-case letter for the possibility that he'd die while flouncing about in white satin while on his impossible quest. A letter home to mom to let her know he's dead, but he looked very shiny up until the dragon killed him.

I'm still dismayed. I liked it better when it was Knights in White Satin :( And I'm fairly certain I'll never get that image out of my mind.