Apr 27, 2012

Y is for ... Hardcore Yogurt Addiction

When Maggie came home from the shelter, her tummy was a mess. She was sick a lot and we asked the vet what to do. He said: GIVE HER YOGURT. Probiotics. Belly health. Blah blah blah.

So we gave her yogurt. 
  • The first day, she didn't really want to eat it, but after a while, decided it was pretty good. 
  • The second day, she ate it all up in one sitting. 
  • The third day, she inhaled it like it was some kind of puppy crack.
  • The seventh day, we decided she was doing well and were gonna stop the yogurt. Cue more barfing.
  • The eighth day, and everyday since then, she inhales her yogurt.
She expects it now, at a certain time of the day. And tells me, in no uncertain terms, that it is Yogurt O'Clock and to get my rosey red rear in gear and make with the yogurt. 

I don't actually know if she still needs it, but I do know if I am late giving it to her, she looks at me like I ruined her life.

I'm so whipped.


  1. Yeah, That truck is pretty ridiculous calling itself yellow when it is so definately oing. I still like kid cereal much better than adult cereal too ;) and you had me lmao over the yogurt being like puppy crack.

    1. I'm kind of a Rice Krispie freak. But I make them with homemade marshmallow so they're stupid-good. Pumpkinpie-mallows are especially good for Rice Krispie Treats in the fall!

  2. I think this is kind of amusing that I visit your blog via a link off my blog post about whether vermillion is red or orange only to find your dilemma about yellow and orange ::grin::

    And yes, it is definitely orange, not yellow :D

    And your doggy is cute and hilarious. I love the yoghurt o'clock :D

    Thanks for sharing.

    Best wishes,

    1. It's topical! I did have the topic planned since the start of the month, but at the last minute had another Y-themed subject to tack on, hence Maggie and her yogurt.

      But now I have a new theory: maybe it's the word orange that heebs people out enough that they call it something else: vermillion and *yellow*. *shakes a fist at those stinking ORANGE Yellow-Trucks*

  3. I totally agree about grape nuts.

    And what a cutie your little angel-dog is. I wonder if my dog would eat yogurt. It's bound to be good for her. Great post.

    1. I didn't think she'd eat it, especially when I used no-sugar/no-fruit yogurt to give her. But she ate it! When I ran out of that, she got a little cup of raspberry yogurt, and that disappeared even faster. Was afraid I'd see it again... didn't know how puppy belly's do with fruit, but fine, I guess!

      It must be good for her though. She doesn't have digestive distress when she has her yogurt!

  4. OMG, Maggie is too adorable! Puppy fever stirring deep within...

    Incidentally, I quite like Grapenuts and yogurt for breakfast. If you add a few spoonfuls to the yogurt, mix it all up and wait 10 minutes or so, it goes to a nice consistency. But maybe that's just me!

    1. Puppy fever: uncurable with even yogurty probiotics :(

      I have tried adding things to GrapeRocks, but never adding GrapeRocks to something else. Like, I've added bananas and raisins and strawberries... not all at the same time though. That would probably qualify as a fruit salad with some GrapeRock topping. But, I may have to explore it as a topping. I could see them being a little bit of crunch added to yogurt. Good idea!


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