Jan 23, 2014

Tatted Cross Pattern

This pattern is built on this filigree doodad. Obviously, the one in the photo below isn't the copper one(It's the gunmetal one... but the one in the picture floating around Pinterest is the copper one)

I did this a while back for a lady who'd emailed a request, but never put it on the blog. I also never heard if she successfully made the thing based on this mess of instructions, but ... HERE IT IS!


  1. Beautiful! I'll made one too! (I found you via pinterest - thank you for sharing the pattern)

  2. Also found this via pintrest - really like the pattern. Do you mind if I sell what I make? (I sell enough to cover my costs and feed my thread and pattern habit).

  3. Hi Gwenda,

    I hate to say no, but I really only put these up for private uses, not commercial. The cross pattern gets a massive amount of traffic to my oft-neglected blog--more than my books do, in fact-- but people have discovered my writing through my tatting on Pinterest. If the pieces were no longer unique, I expect that traffic would also dry right up.

    I'm sorry! I'm glad that you enjoy the pattern!

    1. Hi Amalie, quite understand. Will only use the pattern to make the occasional gift.


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