Jan 31, 2013

SYTYCW Interviews

My pal Maria Buscher decided to interview entrants into 2012's So You Think You Can Write -- Harlequin's writing competition. So if you're curious how other entrants have been getting on, stop by her blog.

My interview kicks off the series, talking about Mountain Man:MD and what I've learned from revising him(so far). But I'm sure the others will have useful advice :D

New interviews will go up on Thursdays. Stop by!

Next few interviewees:
  • Fiona Marsden (Feb 7)
  • Janie Couch (Loveylove day! Feb 14)
  • Heather Gardner (Feb 21)
  • (There will be more, just stopping the list here.)

Jan 28, 2013

Betraying Your Voice Is Bad

I also speel gud
With an eye toward revision and submission, I picked up a novella I wrote last summer. It was written about two months before I wrote my SYTYCW entry, and I didn't think that there would be much difference in the writing style.


I remember now that I'd read something... some piece of writing advice(like I do) and I'd decided to Improve My Writing by incorporating this advice into my style.

The result? I completely lost my voice.

I read the first couple chapters and it was like someone else wrote it.

Someone slow.

With a limited vocabulary and stunted imagination!

Maybe someone in a coma, or perhaps this is what it would be like if a zombie tried to write a novella. A novella about zombies.

Bad. So bad.

I'm sure my skill set has changed, improved since last summer. With the revision letters, I'm getting an idea of my problem areas and learning what I need to do to address. All that is good, but I've come to the conclusion that in trying so hard to WRITE RIGHT, I sabotaged myself.

Gearing up to rewrite it now, and actually excited to do so, but so dismayed at this feat of ridiculousness I perpetrated like... six months ago.

Lesson learned. If it ain't broke, stop messing with it! Work on craft, not on voice. I've got my voice, and I'm comfortable with it. I like it. Now I need to concentrate on effective storytelling.

Jan 25, 2013

Revisions and Tatting

Sent my revisions off last night. No idea if they are in the ballpark of good, but I am feeling pretty pleased with the amount of work TrackChanges has allowed me to document. I took screenshots to show how much of it got changed from first submission. You know, so far.

The scene of the crime, where the word massacre occurred
Pink Tatted Top Hat Fascinator

And since I need a couple days to decompress and make stuff with my hands, and I'm exceedingly tired of scarves.... I'm making tatted top hat fascinators. Well, I've made two so far. The first version, the pink top hat, was a gift for my niece for Christmas.

Black Top Hat (Pattern)

Then I made another, in black for her mother(my SiL), who liked the pink one so well, I thought I'd surprise her. And I wanted to see if it was as cute. Of course it is. How can a tiny top hat not be adorable. The index card in the picture is shown for scale.

Have had a request for a friend of the family, something for her teenage granddaughter. So! Will whip that up before I dive into the writing again. Burgundy with a cream band and amber glass seed beads. Maybe feathers, we'll see on that count.

Jan 9, 2013

Wheee.... Scarves & Other Nonsense

From mid-August until December 25, I made 46 scarves. *crosses eyes*

Grandma Hair: Unchanged since the 80s
I got to witness half of them finding an owner at the family Christmas party. I thought I was gonna get to see an Angry Octogenarian Christmas Throw-down over the sparkly scarves. And they weren't even that sparkly. Imagine if they had more than a single thread of shiny silvery something-or-other woven through the polyester!

I'm sure my great-aunts would've been too polite to do any hair-pulling(or too smart to do any hair-pulling--when you get your hair set in a salon once a week and coated with enough hairspray to survive a nuclear blast, if anyone messes with it they might break a calcium-deficient finger). The little mental-trip I took to picture this granny-scuffle (as I huddled in the corner while they dug through the pile) was a nightmare of shiny shoes, broken hips and Christmas sweaters.

But the scarves went over well.
Even the non-sparkly ones.
And I may never make another scarf. Ever.

Got another round of revisions for Mountain Man: MD, and praying I can follow directions. And since I should be working, I'm taking a break to post about granny-fights and wondering how come pervy people reached my blog with the keywords: kids sleeping in their underwear, and teenagers fighting.

That's it, Google's off the scarf-list for 2013.