Mar 8, 2012

Books, Accountability, and The Walking Dead

First, I have to say I love winning books! I actually got the one from the referral link a few posts ago, and am happily reading Louisa George's debut today, which I just noticed isn't available for purchase through, only Mills&Boon. Only three chapters in so far, but loving the characters! I also managed to snag a Superromance(ebook link: Here Comes the Groom) from Karina Bliss the other day on the Superromance blog, so it's next on my TBR pile.

On the goals: So far, so good, though it might be a two steps forward, one step back sort of 'so far, so good.' I am keeping up with daily word count, but today I decided to start the story over. So much has changed I feel like having a rewrite of the first couple chapters will be more in tune with my vision of the story, and will also help propel me into the way the rest of it needs to go. Plus, it should be pretty easy since I already have written this once. Or twice... Okay, this is the last time I'm starting over before finishing the entire draft... but I am starting over again today: eWife v 3.0.

Who's your daddy!?
Finally, I'm addicted to The Walking Dead. Like, really addicted. I knew I loved it because it's all about the characters and how they change during their tentative zombiepocalypse survival, but I never really put together how much it was like a soap opera with a living dead backdrop before. It's no wonder people get addicted to it.

I even actually connected(briefly) with a, er, somewhat unsophisticated cousin(who I usually fail to interact with) over The Walking Dead. I asked her: which character do you like the best? And who do you think would be the best leader? Both of her answers were: Daryl (which really didn't surprise me, I do live in Appalachia). So I'm going to ask ya'll: Who do you like best, and who would you want to follow? And WHY? That's the important bit. What is it about these characters that inspires or interests us?

For me, I just love Glenn, he's still sweet and I think he has more innocence about him than Carl does, and Carl is like... 10 or something. It's neat to see him remain untainted, somehow, by all this. Bad stuff might make him sad for a bit, but he rebounds, and still thinks of others first. I know that overall, this is Rick's story - he's the protagonist, the leader/character who struggles the most with whats moral and what needs to be done. But, I have to say, if it was all about staying alive, I would back Shane to keep me alive. I hasten to add: He could keep you alive, but only until his bad people skills and hair-trigger forced you to kill him, OR YOURSELF.

And as much as I hate to admit it(since it doesn't speak highly about my maturity, stability and reason), sometimes that caveman thing Shane has going on is hot. You know, a really destructive kind of hot. Future burning-bed kind of hot. And to my shame, I must concede I still have the urge to fix the bad-boy. What's up with that? I should be past that by NOW, surely.


  1. Nice to meet you and for the record I think your blog looks great. SO you got me at walking Dead which is my favorite show on air right now. If you ever need a walking dead buddy, look no further! I just love Daryl. He never gives up and although he has basically removed himself from the group I think he is going to play a much bigger part later. He said it so well, "The group is broken" Have a nice week-end!

    1. Nice to meet you, too! I do really like Daryl, but he's so inconsistent. One minute he's all bow-and-arrow-savior-woodsman and the next he's having angry-face time. I am enjoying how much his role on the show has grown in season two, though. You just knew something bad was going to happen to him because they spent all that time letting us see more than the redneck brother of the Merle, let us see that he's a good guy when trying to find Sophia. He suffered, lots, and got shot in the head looking for that kid... so I can give him quite a lot of leeway in his emotional fallout after the barn. But, I don't think I'd want to follow him. He is right though, the group is broken. It wouldn't be nearly as entertaining if they weren't all slowly unraveling.

  2. Congratulations on all your book wins! Isn't it a great feeling? :) Happy reading and thanks for following my blog!

    1. It is great! And I'm donating this lovely 2 in 1 Medical to my library when I'm done with it. Trying so hard not to crease it in any fashion. I'm determined that, if nowhere else in the country, my little rural county will have Harlequin Medical romances in the library!

      (Thank you for the follow, too.)


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