Mar 3, 2012

Not All Ideas Deserve Writing

Wile E. Coyote: Super Genius
I have an abundance of ideas. Creative ideas, I would say. But I'm not yet very good at turning that initial spark of brilliance into an awesome story.

I try. I brainstorm.  I doodle. I research. I plot-bubble my way to something pretty good(I think), and then I run with it until I slam into the plot-problem roadblock--like what happens to the coyote after he's jumped and dropped the bomb.

The solutions to these roadblocks don't present themselves when I'm looking them, but I'm digging the way they are starting to appear when I'm not looking. It's kind of like when you KNOW something, but you can't think of it, and it bugs you and bugs you and you still can't think of it so you give up... and then two-weeks from Tuesday, when you're standing in line to buy gum because it's after lunch and you're sure you have dragon breath... and you suddenly shout out 'David Hasselhoff!' and  everyone looks at you like you're crazy? You know, the usual.

Or in this case, at 2am when you should be sleeping but you're reading blogs(or a craft book), and you suddenly realize why your plot went blammo in that story you started months ago.  (<---Look: Justification for not sleeping!)


  1. It's that panicky feeling when I can't think of the answer and I think maybe I never will, that I hate. If only there was a pill you could take for inspiration and good ideas.


    1. If it's something I know I should know, I don't panic. If it's something I don't know and have no luck coming up with solutions, then I just get sad and think I've written myself into a corner and that it's UNSOLVABLE ZOMG.

      Hrm, to my cartoon quirks, maybe I should add Chicken Little tendencies.


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