Mar 5, 2012

I Think My Cat's an Evil-Genius

Nephew: 9mo-old Evil-Genius
Actually, when it comes to Nibbler's mental capacity, I swing between thinking she's brain-damaged and thinking she's an evil-genius. Today, I'm leaning more toward evil-genius(though I do tend to label lots of small cute living things evil-geniuses).

She's been weirdly picky about her litter preferences of late. Somedays she likes scoopable, some days she wants clay. I, however, don't like clay, so I've been in a full-on battle of wills with her the past week over using the litter box. I have to pick her up, put her in it(it's clean, I don't know why she decided not to like it), and make her stay in there until she gives up and uses it so I'll let her back out.  This is where the idea comes in that she's brain-damaged.

Nibbler: Crazy-eyed Evil-Genius
In order to make SURE she uses that box, I keep a box in my bedroom, lock her in with me at night, and I don't let her out in the morning until she goes in the box. It took a while for her to learn this, but she figured it out.

And today she tried to trick me.

After screaming at the door(like usual), and having me ignore her(still usual), she ran to the box, jumped in, scratched three times, then jumped back out and ran back to the door. SEE, I WENT TO THE BOX. I didn't immediately get up to go let her out, so she resumed screaming, and I resumed ignoring her. After a few minutes, she gave in and went to the box and used it, and I let her out.

If that's not conniving, I don't know what is. Today's verdict: brain-damaged cat is evil-genius.

And what's the writing lesson in this? I have no idea, so today is Make Up Your Own Lesson Day on my blog!

My made-up writing lesson: Just because someone's crazy doesn't mean they can't have moments of insight. Or something. I don't know. :)


  1. She may be an evil genius but she's very pretty. Our Winston is similarly devious. He yells for food in the morning and if he's not fed he sprays. He's neutered but he manages to squeeze out a fair shower - little so and so! (He is also very beautiful!)

    1. When I was a single girl living alone, I had a neutered male cat who sprayed if there was ever a man in my house. He waited for opportunities to pounce property of the Other Male, and spray it. Before that, I thought neutering made them unable to spray. Wrong. So wrong.

      I think the prettier they are the more they expect to get away with. Cats know these things.

  2. I think all cats, evil, brain damaged or genius are cunning. I swear my neighbour's cat is a minion of satan. He has red eyes but white fur and sits at my door every night I come home from work. I shoo him away to let myself in, but every time he makes a mad dash into my house. He's getting better at it and got in yesterday, only to run up my hall and back out. I wouldn't hurt an animal, and I think the mini-devil knows it and he's just testing how far he can go. I've taken to shutting my doors in the morning. I'd hate to be outwitted by a cat lol

    1. She's the only thing that survived a house fire in 2009, and she survived through cunning--knew to get behind the dryer and pull the vent from the wall so she could have air to breathe and some protection. We found her in the rubble hours and hours after the fire was out, amazed she'd come through it. I think that's why I let her get away with so much mischief, I always think... But her little brain got baked, she can't help being crazy.

      The cat plaguing you sounds like an albino kitty. Maybe there's a mouse in your house and it's been deviling him through the window. Neener-neener, mouse-style cat tormenting, and he just has to go get that little taunting mousey bastid(You know, the wee beastie with the, er... something breastie?)

    2. lol, maybe!

      Wow, your kitty sounds real clever! Imagine knowing how to stay safe during a house fire. I think that on its own deserves some kind of smartest cat in da world award :o)

    3. I think she knew because she delighted in pulling the vent from the dryer as a kitten so she could crawl to the end and have her nose outside... I had to move and reattach the vent so many times... no matter what I'd put up to block it, she could always get by it. That's like the middle of the story, where she learned valuable skills to help her survive the climax! hey look, I did wrest some kind of writing metaphor from all this :D


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