Sep 14, 2011

Writing Contests

Officially going to pimp it out here: Mills&Boon is holding an X-Factor-style contest for New Voices in romance to join their ranks. If you are, or know an unpublished romance writer, send them to Top prize is an editor for a year, an IPAD2, and a publishing contract with M&B. And the finalists and semifinalists prizes are not shabby either.

I've entered two contests now, NV2011 and ... er... the same contest last year, NV2010(and got no where with it). Last year there were a number of internet trolls who'd pop up and bomb your votes if your rating got too high, seems that they have either not found the site this year or something prevents them doing it. I've got a pretty good rating(at least compared to last year), and I've got some positive 'feel-good' comments, but it's day two and Obsessive Girl here keeps hitting refresh. WHAT'S THE RATING, ZOMG.

Not entirely sure I should have entered first day(it's open for entering until 10-10-2011). I keep second-guessing myself, could I have made it better? Should I have done this, that, blah blah blah. And reading some of these chapters... good grief, blow me away. I'm all, Okay, this one's hook is fantastic, this one is amazing at portraying emotion or sensuality, and my entry is full of lines like 'if this were a brothel there'd be more stain-resistant fabric!' I think I actually hear polka music playing when I read it. *grumblemumble*

Where was that insecure writer's support group again? :)

Really though, do you/have you entered writing contests? Do you find the results helpful? Do you enter and then ignore until you hear back? What's the proper mindset for this? How do you *not* psyche yourself out during?


  1. Nope, I've never entered any writing contests before, but I wish you lots of luck with yours!

  2. I've entered several writing contests. I was short listed with a children's picture book once. The competition was run by a UK children's picture book publisher so I thought I was well in but nothing came of it. The ms is still sitting unloved (except by me) in a computer file marked 'old rejected stories'. Good luck and I hope you have more luck than I did.

  3. Yes, and you gave me a lovely comment! Even if I did confuse you with my crazy New Zealand speak, lol. I hope to return the favour soon especially with lines like 'if this were a brothel there'd be more stain-resistant fabric!' That's genius,and sounds like something I'd really enjoy rofl.

  4. @Mel: I had to think a minute which entry it was, I've read... uh a lot of them... But I remembered! The Good Girl's Guide, the one where my comment kept disappearing! It was actually a lot longer the first couple times through, but by the third time, I just crammed in as many words as fast as I could, afraid it'd lock up or disappear again. I really did enjoy the read, but by now I can't remember the bits that jumped out at me that I loved.

    If you get around to eWife, I hope you like it. I liked it the first 5 or 700 times I read it, but as soon as it was on the site? Mmm my feelings changed. Which probably spawned the above post. I haven't gone back to visit the text since then, though I do let myself check comments a couple times a day. *Fingers-crossed* :)


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