Sep 17, 2011

New Voices entries needin love(Final update)

I am a total nerd, so I searched the entries for those that haven't any comments left on them, a handy-dandy reference for those who want to spread the love. Due to the length of the list, I did go ahead and drop it down to just those who don't have any comments.

After the jump at the end,  I'm leaving up a list of those who would like folks to stop by and comment on their chapters! If you want added to the list, drop in the comments and I'll toss it up there in clickable link format.
List(those with NO comments), current as of about 7pm EST 10-15-11

  1. Haunted Love
  2. Blown to Smithereens
  3. Held Ransom in Revenge
  4. Star Attraction
  5. Her Brother's Fiancee
  6. Housekeeper to Wife
  7. Operation Sunset
  8. Bittersweet Revenge
  9. The Petal of a Hibiscus Flower
  10. The Cowboy's Second Chance
  11. Distractions
  12. Mixed Messages
  13. Destiny's Deadline
  14. Trust your Dreams
  15. Seduced by the Enemy
  16. Hidden emotions
  17. Meg
  18. The White Sandals
  19. Reversed Lovers
  20. The Last Thing They Were Looking For
  21. It's my Baby
  22. Sea Breeze
  23. The Bighearted Bigfoot
  24. Secret Diary of a Westminster Intern
  25. The Untimely Decision
  26. The close call
  27. The Whole Truth
  28. Safe Harbour
  29. No More Deception
  30. Once More Down the Garden Path
  31. The Cornish Spell
  32. West Coast Bride
  33. Gambling on Your Love
  34. Hollywood Hoax
  35. Testing Times
  36. A Dangerous Liaison
  37. An Ionian Amore
  38. Out on a Limb
  39. Striking a Chord
  40. Trishul Jeena
  41. Trails of Love
  42. Cruising towards forever
  43. Brighton Charade
  44. Ave Maria - The Tenor's Secret Daughter
  45. Falling for Sky
  46. Perfect Strangers
  47. Legally Undercover
  48. Pursuit of Radmilla
  49. Lessons in Matrimony
  50. Keeper of the Dragon Sword
  51. Trading in Love
  52. The Journey Home
  53. The Prize
  54. Surrogate Mother
  55. Her Own Worst Enemy
  56. Whipping Up a Storm in the Kitchen
  57. The Hesitant Bride
  58. Storm Warning
  59. The Italian's Tutor
  60. Urban Nights
  61. Symphony
  62. Cupcake Crisis
  63. Meg's Secret
  64. The Restless Tycoon
  65. A lesson in love
  66. A Smashing Affair
  67. Her best friend's wedding
  68. Diamond in a Pile of Stones
  69. Open Your Heart
  70. Unbridled love at Rowntree
  71. The De Marco Revenge
  72. Journey's End
  73. Verity
  74. Winter Storm
  75. Love on the Road
  76. Voyage to Remember
  77. Changing the Rules
  78. Restoring Relationships
  79. Beginnings
  80. The Way It Was Meant To Be
  81. Past.Present.Future.
  82. Desires of Her Heart
  83. Time to Heal
  84. The New Start
  85. Money can't buy you Love
  86. Strains of Doubt
  87. Cruise With Destiny
  88. Brianna's Dream
  89. The Ride of Their Lives
  90. Caria Mia
  91. The Apparition of Love
  92. All Roads Lead to Romance
  93. Crime of Passion
  94. FIFTY fifty
  95. The pain of loving
  96. Tall, Dark and Stormy
  97. Tragedy in Love
  98. Divine Seduction
  99. Mediterranean Maid of Honour
  100. The Portrait
  101. Where Wild Roses Grow
  102. Dark Heart
  103. Secret of Sunshine
  104. The Mysterious Boy
  105. Life in the Country
  106. Interior Accident
  107. After all this time
  108. The Matchmaker
  109. Broken Promises
  110. Her Boss's Playboy Son
  111. Upon a White Horse
  112. The Heiress's Arranged Marriage
  113. Meeting the Boys
  114. Outback Inheritance
  115. Something in your eyes
  116. Running away from love
  117. Weddings, Wealth and Tears
  118. That's Amore
  119. One Night in November
  120. The Unexpected Arrival
  121. To the Billionaire, a Bedmate
  122. Gentlemen, Place Your Bets
  123. The CEO's Proposal
  124. Sight Unseen
  125. The Owner of Wrathby Hall
  126. Throw me a lifeline
  127. Love in a Major Key
  128. The Painter's Masterpiece
  129. Mercy and Mercenary
  130. Jane
  131. Friends Love Benefits
  132. Taming the Wolf
  133. A Healthy Attraction
  134. A Passionate Proposal
  135. The Reluctant Santa
  136. November Snow
  137. The Bridesmaid's Midsummer Dream
  138. Outstanding: Finding Paradise
  139. The Payback Bride
    If I list anyone and they don't want to be on the list(some folks don't like comments, I've come to understand), email me and I will yank it off the list (amalieberlin at gmail dot com).

    Best of luck to everyone entering! And please remember to be constructive, tactful and kind when leaving comments. 


    1. Hi Amalie

      You've very kindly already commented on my entry, and I've had about eight people leave feedback already, but I'm hungry for more :)

      I would love it if you could link to my chapter:

      Thanks and good luck!


    2. This is a great idea, by the way. I'm going to start working my way through your list


    3. Thanks for compiling this, Amalie! I finally got mine uploaded yesterday (How to Succeed in Business and Pleasure - and I would LOVE any and all feedback as it is the first piece of fiction I have written in more than 10 years. I have avoided reading any entries until I finished my own, but I plan to start reading and commenting over the weekend.

    4. Hi ladies, I did add them to the body of the post, since I noticed that the links in comments weren't clickable! Not sure why that is, I'm still kind of a baby-blogger -- I don't know much about the code-jitsu.


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