Oct 2, 2012

SYTYCW and A Request

I am a category romance junkie. Those of you who run in romance-writing circles have undoubtedly heard about Harlequin's yearly So You Think You Can Write talent search. This is the third year, and it is taking place earlier than other years as it was combined with another of their talent-search contests that's been discontinued, New Voices.

I said I wasn't going to enter(it can really be a time suck if you keep haunt the site for hours a day, obsessing over your votes), but I kind of got talked into it! So, now I'm making a mad dash to finish this new book on the off-chance that I make it to round two.

Which brings me to my request: the first round elimination is mostly decided by a public vote. You can vote once per day, and if you feel inclined, I'd be happy to accept a click on behalf of Mountain Man: MD (It's under my real name--no signing up under a pen name anymore, alas!)

Or there are loads of other entries up that are just as shiny, if not shinier, and I'm sure their owners would be happy for your vote too. You know, if you feel opinionated and like to click virtual buttons(and who doesn't like that?).

(I need to learn how to do some self-promotion without cringing--like I'm cringing now.)


  1. I thought you did fabulously with the self promo! My favorite line was the "you know, if you feel opinionated and like to click virtual buttons (and who doesn't like that?)". Hilarious :)

    I wish you a truck full of luck! I loved Mountain Man: MD. There's a publishing contract out there with your name on it!

    1. Heee, thank you, Lacey. I am rarely at a shortage for sass:) This is not always a good thing, but I like to think it is!

      If you threw in with SYTYCW this year, I'd love a link!

  2. I'll be reading it and voting tonight :))

    Good luck! :))

  3. Yay! Thank you :)

    It makes me so squeamish to do this stuff. I keep thinking... if I ever sell I'll have to do it for real, but then it feels *validated* rather than some n00b author trolling for votes LOL

  4. Just to let you know that I read your post....

  5. sounds like fun! GOOD LUCK.. new follower here, hi!!


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