Sep 8, 2011


The first couple chapters in a new project are extremely slow and un-fun for me. There are many reasons, which I will probably write about at a later date! This post is solely to give myself a public deadline so I stop doing silly, unproductive yet highly amusing procrastinationalatory(like make up words) stuff.

Present Status:
Word Count: 2500 (possibly extremely lame words)
Plotjitsu: Lots of scene cards already written up so I *should* know
              where to go if I can stop questioning and dithering.

Goal 1: Rough draft of Chapter 1(approx 4K words) completed by the weekend
Goal 2: Polished and uploaded by midnight EST Sept 15.

BTW: If you are an unpublished romance writer and you want to give the competition a go, it's free, and information can be found at -- there is also a Facebook group page located here


  1. Good luck! Put procrastination behind you . . . ;-)

  2. Good luck meeting your goal! Now stop reading your comments and get to work ;)

  3. Good luck meeting your deadlines. (Don't know why I'm even bothering to leave a comment . . . after all, you ARE writing, right?)

  4. Headway made! Not quite there yet, but I have faith I will hit that magic number today (a day ahead of schedule, woot!).

    Thanks for the well-wishing and whip-cracking. I dearly want to put procrastination behind me, but sometimes I have to stop everything I'm doing and... utterly waste time chasing some craft idea I must complete RIGHT NOW ZOMG...for some reason...

  5. Hi Amalie! I can really relate to the procrastination. Maybe we can help each other be accountable! I had to laugh about the "possibly extremely lame" as I was thinking the same thing about the words I wrote last night LOL.

    I wanted to let you know too that I gave you an award on my blog today:

  6. Procrastinationalatory! Haha! Love it! I know the feeling. I'm amidst writing a character who feels super boring to me, but I hope to fix her on the second pass!

  7. @Julie: Thank you! And public humiliation at not meeting goals is a powerful motivation for me! The next day, I always think that the words I've managed to conjure are chock-full of lame... but usually I read it back after a day and it's not SO terrible. *Shiftyeyes* Only kind of terrible, in places... which is preferable!

    @Colby: Making up words is a great way to put off doing work! Maybe your troublesome character needs an active quirk. I couldn't get into my last mss until I made my heroine(a doctor) sing badly to her patients. Then she was fun to me...


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