Sep 11, 2011

New Voices/Accountability Take II

Saturday night, the wee hours, and I am somewhat pleased with my first chapter content. I still like the story. But, as usual, I think my writing skills rival those of a deranged chipmunk. Sane chipmunks obviously write *much* better, duh.

My critique partner has been swallowed up by real life  So, going to go over it again, lament, possibly play a death dirge, and then send to a lovely romance-loving peer who has kindly offered to read it.

Promised to have a version of it to her Sunday morning to read, and will keep to that schedule.

Though I must confess, the confidence gremlins are running AMOK right now, the nasty little buggers.

Current life goal: Do stuff to assure my next incarnation is a sane chipmunk. I'm not sure what stuff yet. Eating more nuts? Sing in high squeaky voice... climb trees. Omg, wikipedia just informed me that chipmunks are omnivores. Those suckers HUNT prey. If that's not just a Disney nightmare in the making, I don't know what is.

Back to work. Don't want to waste these *awesome* insights on my blog when they could obviously make my WIP the BEST. STORY. EVER. *ahem*


  1. Good for you! Hope you accomplished your goals!

  2. I'm always so impressed when people set goals (and actually take steps to follow through)--I've even tried setting a goal or two, with varying results. I guess it can't hurt! Sounds as if it's motivating you forward with your crazed chipmunk romance!

    Best wishes to you!

  3. Thank you, ladies. Goal made, story posted, and now the OCD checking of votes/comments begins.


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