Apr 11, 2012

J is for ... Jeopardy (aka Nerdvana)

As a complete nerd, I feel aspiring to one day be on Jeopardy is a sacred duty. But at this point in my evolution, there are a few hurdles between me and Nerdvana.

One: I don't like speaking in front of people. First day of speech class at college, after I stood up and said my name, I had to flee and hurl.

Two: I know I'm not as smart as I think I am... But every now and then I watch an episode full of categories even simpletons know the answers for, and for several minutes I imagine myself standing behind my carelessly-scribbled name on a field of blue, a five-figure cash amount lit up in front of me.

Three: Final Jeopardy. I find Final Jeopardy inexplicably terrifying. That music everyone hums? Freaks. Me. Out.

Even if all I'm doing is drinking tea and watching Jeopardy, that cheerful little fricking song causes me instant panic. Not entirely sure why. Maybe because the category always feels like a trick. Like it would be Marshmallows, and I'd be all.... I KNOW ALL ABOUT MARSHMALLOWS... and wager all my five figures. But then the question would be: This was the first person to squirt marshmallows into a Peep shape.

Final thoughts: I am not evolved enough yet for Jeopardy. But one day...

(brought to you by the letter J and A to Z blogfest.)


  1. Hahaha. I am SO bad at trivia - I would never make it on Jeopardy. But my father and I used to watch it every night after dinner. He would get EVERYTHING right (that's just the way his brain works) but every once in a while I'd get some random answer before him. And he never got annoyed at my victory dance. ;)

    1. I have a head full of useless facts, but they are really much more useless than Jeopardy trivia.

      And such a good Daddy. Who can resist a good victory dance?


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