Jan 16, 2012

Baking bread

I am a baking enthusiast. I especially like baking bread. Having grown up in a family full of women terrified of yeast, a couple years ago I rebelled by shunning quick breads and purchasing my first packets of yeast. With the rapid-rise yeast, I've baked white breads, and whole wheat breads, dinner rolls, sweet breads and cinnamon rolls. I'm pretty good at it, and there's something about the process of kneading dough that is almost meditative for me. I get my best creative break-thrus in this state. Except, the other day, my kneading made me wonder how people made bread before they could pop down to the supermarket and pick up some yeast.

Since I've been online, I've become utterly incapable of wondering about something without asking Google to enlighten me. How did pioneers make bread? Yeast is in the air, it's all over the place. You can cultivate your own yeast with flour and water, and there are all different kinds of yeast and they all have food preferences. The kind of yeast you cultivate depends on the type of flour you use. The yeast that likes rye flour is different from the yeast that likes wheat flour, and who knows what that stuff in the packets likes... I'm completely amazed by this discovery. So, a few days ago I mixed-up my own bread starter. Today was Day Three, and the first day I had to feed it(equal parts flour and water) since it was born on Saturday. I think it will be ready for the initial batch of bread on Wednesday.

I'm completely blown away by the process and now feel ridiculously empowered. Empowered but somewhat ashamed to admit... my first thought after seeing the process working? Now, in case of a Zombiepocalypse, I can still make bread! Oh yea. Carbs: 1 -- Zombies: 0!


  1. I look forward to reading about how your bread comes out. I have considered making starter on and off for years, but I have this silly fear of ending up with too much starter. I wouldn't need more than a loaf of bread a week and all I can think of is the amount of starter I'd have to throw away. I bet you will come up with some delicious bread though. Good for you!

  2. I made starter several years ago. It was fun. I wound up with so much starter, I had to stop and freeze some for future use. With just my hubby and me, bread doesn't get eaten that much. (He eats none) And yes, I agree about kneading. I make tortillas occasionally just to have something to knead.


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