Jan 30, 2012

I Made Bread!

Out of my starter... and oh my GOD it was sour. The sourest sour to ever sour. I threw it away.  My starter just smells lovely, like baking bread, not sour smelling or acidic. The acid smell didn't come until I was baking it and then I knew something had gone very wrong.

Hey Google! Help, my sourdough is too sour! <-- lots of responses to those keywords.

With Google's help, I've come up with a new plan of attack:
  • Maybe I should, I don't know, use a recipe. Genius, you say? Such forward thinking, that. Because last night when I decided the starter was ready to use and whipped up dough? I just went, "Hmm, what goes in bread? I know, water, flour and salt!" TADA, SURE DOES LOOK LIKE DOUGH. La la la...
  • And, maybe only let it rise about two hours instead of, say, twelve. I didn't realize it gets more and more sour the longer it rises. Who knew? Not me.
  • If those steps fail to tone down the sour, then eat it with some naked salad. Then it will just seem like the veggies have been given a particularly sour vinegrette. Lettuce, bread, chewchewchew... THIS BREAD IS AWESOME.
I will inform again once I have baked again. Looking for recipes that don't call for dutch ovens or other strange oven crockeries I don't have.

I plot my stories like a mad woman, but think I can make homemade sourdough bread without a plan. I used to be sane. I think. Maybe. That one time. Before I devoted my life to being ridiculous :o

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