Oct 29, 2011

Recommending Reads

So, at the suggestion of a friend here, I picked up a book by Zoe Archer. I thought it would have paranormal elements. It didn't, so it was basically a Historical... but I still totally loved it. (Thanks Annabeth!)

I light of this lovely exchange, I'm looking for other recommendations! What's your favorite book? Who's your favorite author? Heck, even favorite fictional character? What do you like about them? They needn't be romances, or have romantic elements, though I do like romance I do read outside the genre :) (Total Michael Crichton fan...)

Disclaimer: I really don't like 1st person. It usually makes me want to kick puppies. Thus, though I am a True Blood fan, I dislike the Sookie books or Twilight.


  1. I’m not a vamp girl normally but I am a little obsessed, this year, with JR Ward. Julia Quinn makes me happy. I will always read a new Stephanie Laurens and I always enjoy a Nora Roberts. Moreover, Linda Howard is the author whose writing I want to emulate.

    For crime, Dorothy Sayers books have such a unique style that I am always filled with admiration for her writing. Laurie E King is something special, as is Val McDermid. Linda Fairstein is one of the few American crime authors whose series I still read.

    I love being introduced to new great romance books and I am finding the blog Smart Bitches, Trashy Books is giving me some good recommendations.

  2. I'm not a huge YA reader, but I recently received an ARC of THE NAME OF THE STAR by Maureen Johnson. Great voice and a fascinating story!

  3. Which Zoe Archer did you read? The series I was recommending to you: Warrior,Scoundrel, Rebel ,Stranger have paranormal elements & steam punk elements. Warrior & Scoundrel have very light paranormal/steam punk then the other two have much more.

    Just read The Many Sins of Lord Cameron by Jennifer Ashley. Loved. You need to read the first two in the series though to really love it :)

  4. @Nina: Thank you for the suggestions! I've dabbled in the past, but I've not read any of those authors from a study viewpoint. It's really amazing to me how my tastes have changed the more I learn about craft. I've become something of a hardass. Revisiting books which in the past I thought were THE BEST EVER with an author's eyes has sometimes left me with a face full of cranky. So recommendations from authors, who I know just GET it, is a good way for me to do some directed study. (And of course, it's the best kind of 'study'.)

    @Liza: I haven't really read much YA, outside of Terry Pratchett's discworld books :) I should do that, esp with the current YA revolution going on.

    @Annabeth: It was called Love in a Bottle, and it was pubbed by Dorchester in 2006. Only Zoe Archer book in my local library system, and I'm trying to put some kind of cap on out of control book budget. It was very good though. From a historical standpoint, I am really not much for stories that focus on the societal trappings and pagentry, they bore the pants off me. This book, the heroine was a botanist, and so excited about her study that her parents couldn't find her a husband due to the 'unwomanly studies.' And the hero was a peddler of fake love elixirs. There's bandits, and kidnappings, and a heroine who's always messy from digging about in the woods while rooting for plants. Just a very unexpected and lovely read. I'll definitely look for the series you recommend though!

  5. Amalie, I've just finished 'My Soul to Take'. It's pubbed by Harlequin Teen (Mira Ink here in the UK) and it's paranormal and YA but totally different. It's done in 1st person too, which is good.

    Also, I started reading the Morganville Vampires series recently, thought that was way better than Twilight and True Blood, though I have to admit I love those books too. x

  6. @Aimee: I think I may pass on My Soul to Take -- lots of people love 1st person, but it generally makes me want to kick puppies. I think that's why I stay away from YA so much -- the POV most of what I've seen is written in.

    Morganville Vampires though, I will look for! Thanks for the recommends!

  7. Lol, sorry I misread. Thought you said you liked it! Oops


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