Aug 30, 2013

My Book! In the flesh!(or the paper...)

I got a package in the mail from the UK...

It's my book! All 3 paper versions of it, so I'm sharing. I'm also running around in circles hooting like a maniac, but no one gets to see a picture of THAT.

 The poor DHL man inhaled a gnat when he was trying to tell me to sign for it. But that's a small price to pay! :D (Poor DHL Man...)


  1. Amalie, that's great! Why are there three paper versions of it? Two of them appear to be very similar, but the one in the middle has me stumped.

  2. Thank you, Maria! It's so neat.. I keep smelling them LOL.

    To answer your question: there are several versions printed each month in the UK. Two of the above(same cover) are just the single book--one in paperback, one in hardback(which is a little bigger than the paperback).

    The green one is a 2-in-1, my book paired with Lucy Clark's October release. It uses her cover :)


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