Sep 17, 2013

New Harlequin Contract!

Offered three book contract today(Medical Romance line), the fools! MUAHAHAHA...ha..ha.ha *maniacal laughter until hoarseness sets in*

The first book of those three will be my ridiculously working-titled: Circus Medicus. I thought about calling it Three Ring Love Affair, but that sounded distinctly ménage... and maybe a little kinky for category romance :)  I'm currently in the part of the writing process that I hate: the first three chapters. So slow. SOOO SLOW. Can't wait until I get to the middle, when it's all I can do to keep up with the mayhem and don't have to work at throwing out plot threads while keeping the reader interested.

Luckily, Author Amendments for book2--Uncovering Her Secrets--also came today! Just in time. I needed a break from the current WIP. So I've just finished printing them and have my highlighters and many-colored ink pens for making any corrections needed.

And I like to put in pictures, but since the only interesting pictures I've had lately have been frog-related: I re-share one and add a second one of the tiny frog who has been hunting in my kitchen window. See the hair on his bum? That's because he tried to get away from me by jumping onto the cat's bed... and it stuck to him since his skin has the general consistency of a Wacky Wall Walker.

That spec is not frog poo... just FYI
He looks so smart! I <3 this picture.


  1. Amalie, I must have missed this if you posted it over on the Harlequin boards. Yay on the three book contract!

  2. Congrats on the three book contract!! I look forward to reading all of them. :)


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