Sep 23, 2010

Current projects

I am not in the habit of blogging, I had one a couple years ago and I can't even remember where or what it was called, I just have a vague recollection of musings on Emergency Poptarts. I can't find it, so you can see how unimportant it was. Fair warning, this blog may devolve into the inner-workings of my insane-in-the-membrane cranium, but I will try to keep it mostly on track.

In August I participated in the Mills & Boon Medical Fast-Track. Never in a million years did I think they would want to see more, so I entered for two main reasons:
1) I had never submitted my writing anywhere before and thought that it would be easier to wait a couple weeks to know whether I was anywhere in the vicinity of 'the right track,'
2) The letter of critique (even brief) from an editor so I could see what I was doing right/wrong seemed like too good a deal to pass up--had never had a crit on my writing before that.

As Ms. Shiela had posted that unfinished manuscripts were allowed, and because I had been waffling about what story to pursue on my own and between projects, I took this and ran with it. I sat down, plotted, planned and wrote the first 10 pages of chapter one, and a 2 page double-spaced synopsis and then sent that sucker in. I'm still rather shocked that they didn't say a peep about changes to story, and asked for the whole thing--which of course is not finished. So, I have been pounding the keyboard to try and get it done in between fretting that I won't be able to deliver the necessary quality material, and writing my New Voices entry chapter.

Now that NV chapter is up (Unlikely Aphrodite), I am back to the Medical, which is good because that story wouldn't shut up while I was trying to figure out my NV entry -- and it took a great deal longer than I would have liked to take form.

Since the Med is outlined, and I'm up to chapter 3/4 area, I am hoping to resume course and add another 10-15 pages per night. I aim high, since I'm a competitive maniac and if I can't compete with someone else, I must compete with myself. We'll see how that pans out, I'm slightly ADD. I swear I have never taken Ambien, but a week or so ago (while ineffectively writing), without really realizing I was doing it, I Googled the history of processed cheese slices and how they get into the plastic wrapper. Out-of-body-Googling is what I have dubbed it. I'm fairly certain this means I'm crazy. I guess it could have been worse, I could have realized I was eating those processed cheese slices.


  1. he he I bet you cannot finish your full MS before I send mine of

  2. Not taking that bet, it's a sucker bet! I know I can't! I am a turtle, while you write like a rabbit all hopped up on speed... SUPER FAST.

    Yea, I said all hopped up, and I won't take it back! My writing would be nothing without the bad puns.

  3. Great first blog! Bring back some fun memories? Thanks for rocking with the trolls, hope you had fun!


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