Oct 1, 2010

Messed Up Dreams

If not every night, at least several times a week, I have extremely vivid dreams, which I can recall details to after I wake. I keep a file of dreams I've had, since they frequently run like a movie, and at the very least have awesome elements in them I would like to incorporate or build a story on later. Sometimes I can even program myself with the type of dream I want to have by reading something in the same subject before I go to sleep. Want to dream about Norse gods? I will read a bit of pantheon.org before sleep.

Last night I decided to give this a try to get over a block I've been having with current story. There is going to be a love scene, at least one, and this first one is giving me fits. I can picture it all different ways, and none of them really feel right yet. So I decided to try and have a sexy dream. I didn't read anything, but I spent some time thinking wildly sexy thoughts before sleep.

I dreamed I was in a bi-plane with Betty White flying over the Pacific and that sassy wench crashed us into an unpopulated island. I was stranded on a deserted island with Betty White. And she is way up in her 80s, but Dream Betty was swinging on vines line Tarzan, and generally putting my butt to shame. I remember thinking: what the hell, I can't keep up with Betty White!? There was no sex involved, thank god. Now though... I am certain I have brain gremlins who just like to dick with me.

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  1. maybe one of your characters is related to Betty White and they were trying to tell u to include her(namelessly) in your story good luck with your scene


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