Sep 19, 2012

Scarf project

I'm not sure how I got hoodwinked into this by my grandma, but I'm crocheting scarves for her to give to her siblings(and every other XX-chromosome person she knows). I'm 25 scarves (the photo below is a day old) into the 32 I've been assigned. Since I have so many, I've been doing the same pattern with different colors. I can do the pattern in my sleep, so it's fast with minimal ripping out of stitches.  ONLY 7 TO GO.

Different from the others, the yarn was super thin and fuzzy, and I love the gradient so I just went simple to let the material do the pretty-making. Actually, I have two of them now. Gotta love that $1 per skein BigLots bargain yarn bin!

This one is made from the RedHeart Sashay yarn. It looks like a ball of shoestring when you get it and you have to open it into this mesh pattern and crochet along the top edge. It works up surprisingly thick and is very boa-like when done. Super girly--which I seem to love when it comes to ribbons and ruffles.


  1. Wow, Amalie, these are so beautiful. Makes me want to get back to knitting again. :-)

    1. Thank you, thank you. I've been learning how to do Tunisian crochet too, and that's a fun change up.

      I need to get done with my quota of scarves so I can move onto something ELSE. I'm so tired of the twisted shell stitch haha

  2. Debbie Macomber posted a few days ago about knitting for an organization that gives scarves to the needy. If you feel froggy you can keep going. I thought about it, but it would take me forever to knit something.

    1. That's a lovely charity idea. I don't know how froggy I'll be feeling. It's cutting into my writing time!

      There's a lady here in the county where I live... and every year she adopts a nursing home, so to speak, and crochets a lap blanket for every single resident for Christmas.

      My mom(a nurse) said the facility she works for was her adopted place last year and they have nearly 100 residents. Another lady I know is with an organization who makes baby blankets for babies who have extended children's hospital stays. So amazing to me.


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