Nov 8, 2012

NaNo week 1 report

NaNoWriMo bootcamp going well so far. It's really all about the public humiliation with me, getting my word count down everyday. Apparently, I'm crazy. Who knew? (Besides everyone . . .)
  • I skipped writing on Sunday, but my word counts have been high enough to offset that day. 
  • Haven't written yet today but I'm still ahead of that 1667*8 daily word goal total, so that's good!
  • It's my birthday but I'm still going to write in a little bit. Aiming 2K+ (and for a whole load this weekend). Really want to get through this project and at least half-through another before November is up. Although since I'm fixin to buy tatting supplies... this goal may be canceled by my drive to tat.
  • Random note: aside from the threat of public humiliation, writing my word count every day on my calender and seeing it leapfrog ahead keeps me motivated. Whatever works, eh?
  • Regretting slightly that I didn't sneak in a second synopsis with the editors when I had their attention. I like knowing there's at least a line fit/story interest before I storm the castle, you know?


  1. Happy Birthday a bit late! Congrats on the NaNo progress. I totally agree that seeing the word count is motivating. I've become a little obsessive about it LOL.

    1. Thanks! I got a super birthday present the next morning--full request from a Harlequin Ed for my SYTYCW entry. They still have the first Medical attempt too so I've been momentarily derailed from NaNo to edit and send off mss lightning fast. I will get back to it today though. It's a little ridiculous how motivating it is to get to write 4-5 little numbers on a time card. Yes, I'm that nerdy: I have a writing time card :D


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