Feb 26, 2012

Bread pr0n

I am a big fan of the cinnamon raisin swirl breads, so decided to see how it would go with the sourdough recipe I've been using.

I don't add more sugar to the recipe, just the cinnamon and the raisins. I really should stop making it because every time I'm hungry my little brain says...THERE'S MORE RAISIN BREAD!
Now I can't stop wondering wondering what else I can add to the (basic) bread to make other interesting breads. Cheese? Spinach?  Some kind of dried meaty goodness? Whatever it is, I doubt it will be quite this pretty with melty butter.

Maybe I should ditch this writing malarkey and just make bread. Forever! Or till I get bored...like with all non-writing hobbies.


  1. Try chopped apples and walnuts in that raisin swirl bread. YUM!

    1. Oh, apples and walnuts. Good idea! I think I'll do it instead of raisins in the next cinnamon bread. Think I'd have to cook the apples first or would they get done on their own in the baking process? Hmm.

      I tried smoked summer sausage(no cooking required) and cheddar cheese today. It's presently cooling and waiting to be cut. But it smells yum.


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